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Ecolith Interior in 134 shades

An innovative paint formulation and excellent product features, this is what characterises the mineral wall paint Ecolith Interior. The innovative graphene-based technology and the very special paint formulation make this ecological paint unique. It is available in 134 shades and its superior product properties turn it into a time-saving, economical product for the user. Despite its high performance level, Ecolith Interior is completely free from micrplastics and other pollutants.

Ecolith colour choice
Healthy living and product quality

The new quality of Ecolith Interior shows in various product features: The paint comes in 134 colour shades, it contains no preservation agents and is suitable for allergy sufferers. It is particularly the combination of super flat graphene matrices and a very special paint formulation that makes these paints unique.

Graphene originates from the mineral graphite that has been known for centuries and is commonly familiar from its use in pencils. In the colour matrix, very big surfaces are formed. In paints, graphene is thus responsible for an enormous coverage, as well as better adhesion, durability and flexibility.

The professional paint with many advantages

Ecolith Interior can be used on all common substrates. The highly covering, purely mineral paints are extremely flexible and resistant, they prevent mould formation, absorb smells and are breathable. The high-grade paint is recoatable after 4 h already and therefore perfectly suited for rooms to be quickly painted and moved back into.

Ecolith shades
Choice of colour made easy

You can choose your favourite colour here on our website, have it displayed in different living environments, and order it from your local distributor.

He can also provide colour charts or the more detailed COLOURS FOR LIFE colour fan.

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