Current trends - every season has its colours

Colours of the season - Easter

Naturally colourful Easter eggs. The colouring substances in AURO’s Easter egg paints have been known for centuries and colour the eggs in the most natural way.

Colours of the season - early summer
Early summer

AURO offers everything to make your garden look well. Be it wooden terraces, fences, summer houses or garden furniture, everything looks perfect with a fresh coat of natural paint.

Colours of the season - late summer
Late summer

You are longing for the sea? Create a holiday feeling at home with the maritime style in classical red and blue colour tones. Or see our step-by-step instruction for turning a pallet into a nicely deigned flowerpot in maritime blue.

Colours of the season - autumn

The rustling of leaves, collecting mushrooms in the woods, a hot cacao – autumn has arrived. Conjure a feeling of cosy warmth into your home with our beautiful autumn colour tones. We have selected four warm tints for you.

Colours of the season - winter

The colour red has a strong effect on us humans. No other tint appears so warm, sensual and full of energy. These effects can be used while designing your home to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere by specifically designing single walls in red tints.