White undercoat, Classic No. 933

Provides paint coatings with a safe basis: undercoat for AURO White topcoat, glossy No. 935 (inside and outside) and satin mat No. 936 (inside only).

Please note: This product will be discontinued in the course of 2017 because the undercoat is not imperative anymore for follow-up treatments with Aqua paints no. 935, 936.

  • Excellent covering power
  • Easy to use
  • Good flow properties


Prepare, fill and sand the surface, prime exterior surfaces with AURO Special primer no. 117. Then apply the White undercoat. This is followed by the White topcoats no. 935 (interior, exterior) or 936 (only interior).


After drying, roughen the surface with a fine sanding paper to provide perfect adhesion of the subsequent paint application.

Technical data sheet


Safety data sheets


Full declaration

mineral fillers, orange oil, titanium dioxide, linseed oil, dammar, tung oil, castor oil, drying agents (cobalt-free), colophony glycerol ester, lecithin, swelling clays, alcohol

Information about our raw materials

Trading units
Price inkl.
Coverage per sq.m
0,75 31,60 €42,10 € 10
2,5 92,40 €37,00 € 31

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  • Excellent covering power
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  • Good flow properties

  • Excellent covering power
  • For all types of wood
  • For interior use

  • For stain removal, cleaning of brushes and tools
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  • A mixture of essential oils

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