AURO is the first paint manufacturer who managed to develop an automatic tinting system for wall paints that works with consistently ecological pigment pastes.
Premium wall paint Plantodecor
Top quality confirmed by Bremer Umweltinstitut (Bremen Environmental Institute): biogenic binding agent and low product emission.
Beautiful wooden floors at every step
Transparent and solvent-free oils for interior wood and cork surfaces - simply ecological, simply beautiful.


White walls and a good indoor climate
Purely natural and mineral. Thanks to its new formulation, the High-grade silicate paint now adheres to almost every substrate.
Organic and mineral raw materials
For more than 30 years, AURO has been relying on organic and mineral raw materials. All products are compostable and can thus be re-integrated into the natural cycle of materials.
A classic product - the Wall paint no. 321
Free from preservatives and with an excellent covering power. The wall paint can be tinted in many colours with the Tinting paints no. 330.

Improved product

Plantodecor Wall paint

Considerable improvement in quality: better hiding power, abrasion resistance, processing properties and surface appearance. Learn more
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Our vegetable raw materials

Raw material stories: Precious larch resin balsam from the Carinthian Alps. Learn more

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