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The tropical, bittersweet smell of the lime reminds of
sunny climes, white sand beaches at a turquoise-coloured
seaside and green palms. In aromatherapy, the ethereal oil
does its magic by giving new motivation, joy of life and
buoyancy. In various ways, it has reviving and refreshing
effects on the psyche. No wonder, given its fresh, sweet
smell that, at the same time, has a fruity appeal. The word
lime comes from the French language and means „small
lemon“. Like its big sister, the lemon, the lime belongs in
the rue family. It is also known by the Latin name
. It grows on a tree-like bush that can reach a
height of 2-4 m. The plant originates from South Asia. In
springtime, the bush shows white, scented blossoms, six
months later the familiar, aromatic yellow to greenish
fruits have matured. However, the bush bears fruit only
after five years.
The ethereal oil is won by water vapour distillation from
the fruit and peel. At AURO we use the genuine yellow-
ish ethereal oil of the lime as aromatic substance.
By the way:
Besides the genuine lime there is also the
common lime. The genuine one,
Citrus aurantifolia
, also
called key lime or Mexican lime, is smaller than the com-
mon lime, sometimes not bigger than a table tennis ball.
As opposed to the common lime, it contains many seeds.
The common type,
Citrus latifolia
, often bears the name
of the region it is native to, e.g. Persian lime or Tahiti lime.
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