AURO Product catalogue 2020

5 FURNITURE AND WOODEN SURFACES WALLS AND CEILINGS APPLICATION OVERVIEW WALL COATINGS SPECIAL WALL PAINTS PAGE Primers Depends on product, see Technical Data Sheet White special wall paints Anti-mould paint (327) Airfresh wallpaint (328) High-grade Silicate paint (303) 20 20 21 Complete system Pur-san 3 — Anti-mould system (414) 21 Tinting Depends on product, see Technical Data Sheet APPLICATION OVERVIEW WALL COATINGS LIME PLASTERS PAGE Primers Plaster primer (301) Grip coat, fine (505) Grip coat, granulated (506) Skim coating (339) High-grade lime filler (342) 10 11 11 12 16 White lime plasters High-grade lime plaster (345) High-grade trowel lime plaster (347) 19 19 Tinting Lime tinting base (350) 17 APPLICATION VIDEO CONCRETE LOOK APPLICATION VIDEO PLANTODECOR ® APPLICATION VIDEO HIGH-GRADE LIME PAINT APPLICATION VIDEO AIRFRESH WALL PAINT INFORMATION VIDEO „REAL“ ORGANIC PAINT INFORMATION VIDEO ABOUT AURO APPLICATION VIDEO SMOOTH TROWEL TECHNIQUE AURO YOUTUBE TM CHANNEL