AURO Product Catalogue 2015 - page 94

A beautiful wooden floor develops to
its full glory when it can show a glossy
shine. With the moist wooden floor
cloths this happens not only quickly,
but also thoroughly. Suitable for all
standard mop systems, the cloths
are easy to use and are also gentle
on hands and skin. The cloths can,
of course, also be used on wooden
The cloths clean, maintain and protect
the wood through their natural wax and
jojoba oil. The mild ingredients ensure
that your home is not filled with the
penetrating, synthetic smell of con-
ventional cleaning products.
These practical cloths are the first worldwide with a 100 % bio-degradable
natural fleece. They come in a resealable pack so you can regularly give your
floors a fresh shine. Wooden furniture can also be treated with this care product.
Special products
Sticking with our principles
Ideal for easy and hygienic cleaning of
all wooden, cork and laminated surfaces.
Ideal for cleaning oiled and waxed
wooden surfaces and wooden furniture.
After use, the cloth is suitable for com-
With natural beeswax
For all standard types of mop
100% bio-degradable natural fleece
1 sachet
= 10 cloths
Clean & Care Wax - Moist cloth
for wood flooring no. 680
up to
20 m
Glues and special products
1...,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93 95,96,97,98,99,100
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