AURO Product Catalogue 2015 - page 92

On rough sawn wood façades of re-
sidential or summer houses,
Swedish red (148)
gives the typical
Scandinavian look. This solvent-free,
ready-to-use pigmented colour wash is
very easy to rework. The colour intensity
of this matt masonry paint depends on
the weather: on dry days it is lighter, on
wet days darker.
The “Swedish look” is perfect where
window frames and doors are set off
white against the Swedish red with
AURO Gloss paint, white (250-90)
Special products
Sticking with our principles
Typical Swedish house look: oxide red
pigmented colour wash for rough sawn
wood façades of residential and summer
houses. Doesn’t flake or fade and can be
reworked without much additional effort.
Simply brush off and repaint.
Easy to use
For untreated wood façades
2,50 l | 10,0 l
Swedish red exterior
wood paint no. 148
up to
4 m
Protection and enhancement for cotto,
clinker & co: oil for open-pored priming
and surface treatment of clinker, stone,
cotto plates and unglazed clay tiles.
Hardens slightly sandy base surfaces.
Firing up effect
Easy to work, very economical
For impregnation of base surfaces
0,75 l | 2,50 l
Clinker oil
no. 114
up to
20 m
Glues and special products
Clinker oil for unglazed clay tiles...
and stone.
1...,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,100
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