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Research and development
We keep up the pioneering spirit
Investment in research and development
From the beginning, we have not rested on standards
achieved but always developed new product formulations
and manufacturing processes in oder to keep natural paint
products at the highest technical level and adapt them to
new emission guidelines. The research and development
team in Braunschweig now develops completely new kinds
of biogenic primary products as well as revolutionary manu-
facturing methods. Thus AURO was, has been and will be
the pioneer, trendsetter and initiator setting the standards
within the field of natural paints.
Research project Replebin
In a groundbreaking research project, we managed to de-
velop our own novel, biogenic binding agent for coating ma-
terials, Replebin
and Bremer Umweltinstitut
(Environmental Institute Bremen)
have confirmed the biogenic origin of the binding agent.
will provide the basis for a new generation of
paints with technical properties that are in no way inferior
to conventional paints.
Public funding
The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy funded
the research project within the framework of their central in-
vestment program for small and medium-sized businesses
(ZIM). The funding was directly linked to the development
of a biogenic binding agent.
Newly built production unit
The new production unit for biogenic binding agents re-
quired an investment of 1.1 million EUR. It was built and put
into operation on AURO’s company site in 2014. This invest-
ment into the future will enable us to process plant alcohols
extracted from natural materials into binding agents that will
be the basis for the new generation of AURO paints.
Future-proof products
During the drying process, the newly developed binder emits
only water. There are no odours as is the case, for example,
with the binding agents based on linseed oil. A further ad-
vantage is the much quicker drying of the new paint gener-
The first products to profit from the new Replebin
agent are the
AURO Plantodecor
Premium wallpaint (524)
and two new grip coats (see page 48). Professional painters
and DIY customers will equally appreciate the substantial
leap in quality of this new paint generation. Hereby, as
usual, AURO is the innovation leader to invest into future-
proof product ranges.
The biogenic nature of the binding agent is regularly examined and confirmed by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.
The biogenic basis of the binding agent is examined and confirmed by the Bremer Umweltinstitut (Bremen Institute on the Environment).
binding agent
Analysed | Tested | Approved
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