AURO Product Catalogue 2015 - page 2

AURO has been the first manufacturer of natural paints world-
wide to be
certified as carbon neutral company
. Since 2007,
the certificate is renewed annually by the Climate Neutral
More information:
For many years already,
AURO has been sup-
porting the German Nature and Biodiversity
Conservation Union
(NABU) by sponsoring
environmental projects. Only recently, the
project “help for the white stork” was sup-
Institutions like the Freiburg Eco Institute and the TUEV Sued approve
that the
electricity used is environmentally friendly produced
. In com-
bination with the
solar power systems on the AURO roof
, we work with
100 % energy from renewable sources
. Moreover, a solar thermal plant
cares for the heat production.
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Climate protection certificates
of Interseroh on the
CO 2
savings achieved by recycling packaging materials
cartons and paper
More information:
confirm that registered transport packaging
is listed by the partners of Interseroh (a company that
organises recycling processes), that the listed
packaging is further processed after use
, and that all
requirements of the packaging regulations are met.
More information:
Every year, AURO gets a
climate certificate
the Dual System Germany, the institution that
runs the “Green Dot” waste recycling system.
This certificate names the exact amount of CO 2
equivalents AURO saves by
waste recycling
More information:
Consistently revealed: The
raw materials
contained in our products are
fully de-
clared on every product label and on our
. This is our conception of trans-
parency and consumer confidence.
For the difficult subject of mould infestations,
AURO offers the competent advice of a
fessional consultant for mould damages
whose technical qualification has been
by the TUEV Rheinland.
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