AURO Product Catalogue 2015 - page 17

Garden furnitureoilsand terraceoils
Natural treatment – optimal protection
It is not only garden furniture that
needs care: Wooden terraces also
quickly lose their colour and the for-
mation of mould and algae as a result
of damp looks unsightly.
The user-friendly Classic Garden furni-
ture oils and Terrace oils from AURO can
be applied with a brush, roller or fluff-
free cloth. After leaving a short time for
the oil to sink in, all excess oil that has
not sunk in must be wiped off. Then the
furniture or terrace is ready for use im-
A classy look in three shades for old or
new wooden terraces. Doesn’t flake and
is easy to apply using a brush or roller.
Creates breathable surfaces.
Easy to use
Very durable
For use indoors and outdoors
up to
20 m
0,75 l | 2,50 l
Terrace oil
no. 110-81/ -85/ -89
Terrace oil
Teak 110-81
Terrace oil
Bangkirai 110-85
Terrace oil
Larch 110-89
Colour tones
For regular cleaning, use
AURO Terrace cleaner (801)
from our ‘
Brilliant ideas’
range of cleaning and care products. It frees terraces made of wood, stone or
concrete from algae, moss or dirt and thus reduces the danger of slipping.
Furniture and wooden surfaces
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