AURO Product Catalogue 2015 - page 14

Primers and woodstains
Natural treatment – optimal protection
Furniture and wooden surfaces
Current colour charts can be found on our website,
Withstands wind and weather:
woodstain (160)
offers long-term pro-
tection from wind and weather without
damaging the environment. Particularly
wooden elements on houses, such as
façades, gables or car ports, require
protection. Temperature fluctuations
and water affect wood so badly that
moisture gets in and the wood swells,
then in dry periods it contracts again.
This results in the natural material
becoming porous, pale and forming
cracks which allow moisture in.
Parents can breathe easily: The stain has been tested for resistance
to saliva and perspiration. So it is also suitable for the treatment of
children’s toys, both indoors and out.
- only for indoor use -
Colourless 160-00 Ochre yellow 160-15
Pine 160-16
Oak, light 160-18
Orange 160-26
Dark red 160-33
Ruby red 160-35
Mahogany 160-37
Lapis lazuli 160-52
Ultramarine blue
Oxide green 160-60
Green 160-67
Grey 160-74
Umber 160-82
Brown 160-84
Walnut 160-85
Light brown 160-88 Rosewood 160-97
Black 160-99
White 160-90
Colour tones
Silk gloss woodstain for coating wood in-
doors and out (colourless for indoor use
only). Quick-drying and low-odour. Woods
rich in active substances should be pre-
treated with AURO Special primer (117).
Good for man & nature
Good weather-resistance
Water-thinnable, solvent-free
up to
13 m
0,375 | 0,75 l |
2,50 l | 10,0 l
Woodstain, Aqua
no. 160
1...,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,...100
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