AURO Product Catalogue 2015 - page 12

Primers and woodstains
Natural treatment – optimal protection
Some wood types contain a high share
of tanning agents that can prolong drying
times of a woodstain coating considerately.
Others contain colouring substances that
can penetrate to the surface. To avoid these
effects, it is recommended to use the
Special primer (117)
before the Woodstain
is applied to these wood types.
Special primer for wood-based materials
rich in active substances. Prevents
delayed drying, breakthrough of discolour-
ing substances in white paint and bleed-
ing out of active substances on salt and
pressure-impregnated wood.
Easy to use
Binds colourants and active substances
Especially for woods rich in active
up to
13 m
0,375 | 0,75 l |
2,50 l | 10,0 l
Special primer
no. 117
Put an end to yellowed and darkened
wood panelling. AURO Wainscot white
(814) brings a bright freshness back into
your rooms. The high pigmentation of the
product means that one coat is all you
need. And the grain of the wood still
shows through slightly.
Easy to use
For all types of wood
up to
14 m
2,50 l
Wainscot white
no. 814
Wooden panels on walls and ceilings create a cosy atmosphere. But after just a
few years, the darkening of the wood can make the room seem dark and oppres-
AURO Wainscot white (814)
can help. It is best to paint each individual layer
along the whole length of the panel in order to avoid overlapping of the coats.
Woods rich in active substances should be pre-treated with
AURO Special primer
Examples for wood types that demand the Special primer (117)
Wood types with
discolouring substances
and “
” woods, e.g. bangkirai, red cedar,
Oregon pine, hemlock, larch, meranti (dark red), merbau, niangon, pitch pine, teak.
Wood types
rich in tannin
, e.g. afzelia, oak (also cork), framiré, iroko, chestnut, cherry,
okume ("gaboon"), redwood, cedar.
Furniture and wooden surfaces
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