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Biodiversity and the
cycle of raw materials
The AURO cycle of raw materials
An investment in the future and a crucial
argument for responsible consumers,
builders, architects and contractors:
Dried AURO products and all wood mat-
erials treated with AURO products can
easily be composted after the end of
their product life cycle. Thus they return
into the natural cycle of materials.
Living and working in accordance with nature
The name AURO does not just stand for paint but for con-
sciously living and working in accordance with nature.
Modern concepts of living and the sustainable use of raw
materials are no contradiction, just the opposite: A future
worth living in asks for new ideas and strategies to leave
behind an intact environment for the generations to come.
Just as the power supply, the products for building and ren-
ovation should not feed on exhaustable raw materials but
should come from renewable sources. These materials are
available in our biosphere in a great variety of species,
namely the plants.
Residues become compost
The raw materials AURO uses are extracted and processed
following the criteria of sustainability. The oils, resins, waxes
and pigments we use come from the raw material cycle of
nature and can be re-integrated without problems in this
cycle when the product’s life cycle is over. AURO products
can be composted in dried state as well as wood treated with
AURO products.
The long-term effect of synthetic paints is nearly unpredict-
able whereas AURO products constitute a safe investment in
the future. The important raw material linseed is harvested
not far from our company site which means that only little
additional transport energy has to be spent. Wherever pos-
sible we use rainwater in our production facilities and thus
spare the precious drinking water resources.
You are invited to see it for yourself. Visit our website
or come and visit us in our shop and
showroom. We look forward to welcoming you here in
raw materials
natural pigments and
care substances
solar energy
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