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AURO Pflanzenchemie AG –
a pioneer for healthy buildings
„Love what you do“
Love what you do – this slogan inspires and accompanies
us day by day. We are convinced that you can only love what
does you good – common pleasures, a comfortable home,
the riches of nature. As the leading manufacturer of natural
paints, AURO wants to enhance the quality of living with
warm, breathing wood surfaces, natural plaster walls wit-
hout pollutants or gaily coloured furniture.
Our philosophy includes looking at paint in a holistic way,
starting with the formation and extraction of raw materials
and ending with the disposal of product residues. We show
that paints, stains, oils and waxes, as well as cleaning, care
and maintenance products, can be highly effective and, at the
same time, more sustainable than the conventional products
on the market. We offer well-tolerated, ecologically compat-
ible premium products for use within the house or outside.
Since AURO’s foundation in the year 1983, we have been
working to find natural solutions for nearly all fields of appli-
cation. Be it new constructions or renovations, AURO offers
reliable coating materials in the highest possible ecological
and technical quality. For the benfit of our customers, we
refrain from using synthetic irritants or pollutants.
Natural values
Living with AURO also encompasses the pleasant task of
creating one’s own comfortable home with precious colours.
Therefore our research and development team develops
innovative products in various fields of application. Their
success becomes obvious in the manifold positive test
results our products have received from do-it-yourself jour-
nals and leading German consumer magazines. Here it beco-
mes clear that natural products can easily meet all technical
challenges at least as good as conventional prod-ucts and
add their excellent ecological features as an extra advan-
tage, e.g. that dried product residues can be compost- ed.
We are committed to this easy and effective principle be-
cause we are sure that the future belongs to natural and sus-
tainable raw materials. Spend some time for your quality of
living and become acquainted with AURO. Welcome in your
new natural home.
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