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Tools and accessory
Professional equipment for you.
Accessory for successful colour creations
The best violin can only produce wonderful music if it is played with the correct
bow, and the preparation of a perfect dinner demands excellent kitchen utensils
that can be relied on in every situation. It is just the same if rooms need to be re-
novated. Therefore we offer you the professional tools and accessory needed for
every application so your colour creations get the best results and bring you long-
lasting pleasure. It is the interaction of all these little components that gives the
paint job its perfect “flow”. The made-to-last equipment we offer ensures that the
work is not spoiled by a brush losing its hair or a paint roller giving off fluff during
the paint application. Technically mature rollers and brushes support an optimal
painting result. AURO tools and accessory is perfectly suited for the workmanlike
AURO distribution
partners worldwide
, you will find the
„AURO Worldwide“ section that leads
you to our distribution partners in many
countries all around the world. Our part-
ners are ready to assist you with their
professional knowledge on AURO pro-
ducts and application techniques. They
will give you valuable advice on ecologi-
cal building materials and the use of
AURO paints, stains and care products.
The AURO Channel
On our YouTube channel, “AURO TV”, you will find interesting
and informative application videos on various topics. Come
and see us there.
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