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Wooden floors
First class finishing. Sustainable care.
Typically AURO
AURO oils and waxes
give floors a natural treatment and are therefore first choice
for modern living. Natural floor treatment is characterised by a lively interaction of
the grown natural material and imaginative design. We recommend our advanced
PurSolid oils and waxes
. They protect the natural material wood in a
way that fully maintains the characteristical haptic perception and warmth of the
wood. Surfaces are not sealed airtight but are left breathable and thus contribute
to a healthy indoor climate. These are product characteristics esteemed for good
reason by professionals as well as laymen among the users.
For every type of wood, every kind of flooring and every degree of tear and wear,
AURO has the right natural product to maintain the beauty and value of your wood-
en floors.
: Why not try cork as a wear-resistant material full of atmosphere as an alterna-
tive to solid wood. AURO oils, waxes and care products are perfectly suited for use
on this natural material as well.
Cleaning, care and maintenance
These days, more and more people suffer from allergies and respiratory ailments.
The more important it is to have gentle products for the cleaning and care of sur-
faces in the house. Solid wood floors can easily and effectively be cleaned and
maintained with emulsions, soaps or mild care products from the AURO range.
The power of nature lets even strongly soiled surfaces look like new again.
Natural wood is present in many forms
and manifestations and is a central
material in a beautiful home. It is still
one of the most modern materials the
world has to offer. Be it precious par-
quet or homely floorboards, a wooden
floor not only looks good but also is
very pleasant to the touch and gives
any home a cosy atmosphere.
Tips, trends and videos
Up-to-date recommendations from
experience can be found in the section
“Living with AURO”
on our website. In
the “handy tips” section, we share some
tips & tricks
from practical experience
with you. You will find information on
surface preparation, tool cleaning or the
perfect sanding of a floor prior to an oil
or wax treatment.
On our YouTube channel,
you will find video demonstrations on
the topic of oiling and waxing of floors,
about creative wall design techniques,
paint or stain applications, and also
videos about the company and our raw
material philosophy.
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