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Lively, robust and breathable
Our high-grade lime paint range contributes optimally to a
better indoor air quality. Only the best slaked lime qualities
are used for the production of these products. Due to their
moisture-regulating characteristics, they are particularly
suited to prevent mould infestation. Moreover, they have a
very good coverage and are easy to apply.
· Natural regulation of indoor climate
· High degree of white, high coverage
· Efficient mould prevention
lime paint (344)
Outstanding properties
The first choice for the classical lime coating is our
lime paint (344)
. It is best suited for highly covering coatings
on mineral substrates like lime plasters or lime brickstone.
It can also be used on concrete, clay, woodchip wallpaper or
gypsum plasterboards. The high-grade quality provides for
a high degree of white and a coverage of up to 10 m
/L. The
specialist magazine „Heimwerker Praxis“ (DIY Practice) tested
the AURO High-grade lime paint in its May/June 2013 issue
and marked it „Top Class“.
Free from emissions
Products with purely mineral composition, like the AURO lime paints,
are generally emission-free and therefore fulfill the criteria of the
AgBB evaluation scheme. Thanks to their moisture-regulating
features, they support the indoor climate in an ideal way.
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