AURO Environmental Declaration 2014 - page 9

On-site activities
The most frequent and most important operations in the
mechanical process engineering of our production pro-
gramme are volumetric dosing, mixing and filling. Nearly all
primary products are manufactured on-site, the production
intensity therefore is high and the value chain stays intact
as far as possible. Steam-heated melters ensure that natural
waxes are gently worked into resins and oils at a maximum
temperature of 80 °C. Pending commissioning and delivery,
the finished products are stored, in keeping with legal provi-
sions, in our warehouse that was built in 1992.
Raw materials for the production process partly have to be
transported with low-floor vehicles over longer distances
from the storage area to the production area. The resulting
dangers of this in-house traffic were reduced to an absolute
Due to the potential danger of flammable substances like
essential oils, safety-related requirements have to be
accounted for. Examples are explosion prevention measures,
a fire detection system with a direct through-connection to
the fire service that was technically updated in 2010, as well
as other measures in the production area.
It is the stated aim of the company to further reduce the dan-
ger of fire. The storage containers for flammable liqids with a
capacity of 850 l each have been equipped with flame filters
that can prevent the flames from spreading to the contents in
the event of fire and thus prevent their ignition. The parts of
the building are divided into fire sections in order to avoid a
potential fire from spreading. All employees are trained in
the practical handling of the stationary fire extinguishers in
order to already stop a fire in its early stage. The annual
training of the employees sharpens the awareness of the
fire problem.
Wall paint production
a) Reseda for plant paints
c) Dammar as binding agent
b) Linseed oil for better product elasticity
d) Chlorophyll pigment for green shades
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