AURO Environmental Declaration 2014 - page 31

Final consideration
“One should not want to foresee the future but make it possi-
ble.” This quote mentioned at the outset of this report seems
to be made for AURO and the successful concept that served
us as guideline and precept from day one.
For more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing prod-
ucts for ecological building, living amd renovation that are
not only good for users but spare the planet’s natural
resources at the same time. AURO products, as well as
resulting product residues, can be composted and therefore
return to the natural cycle of matters. They leave no waste
and become available again as organic resource.
This concept also has to be followed when future challenges
have to be accepted. Sceptics have to be pointed to the
impulses, achievements and the successes resulting from
our practical company culture that integrates ecology, sus-
tainability, innovation and transparency. Every single one of
these values does not constitute a guarantee for success.
Only the right combination of these factors enables us to sat-
isfy the market’s requirements in a convincing and sustained
way and, at the same time, give fresh impulses for future
developments in order to keep up the pioneering spirit that
once guided Dr. Hermann Fischer.
Pursuing his product and company philosophy „from the cra-
dle to the grave“, AURO is and will stay an out-and-out green
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