AURO Environmental Declaration 2014 - page 3

On nature’s trail
AURO ranks with the recognised pioneering enterprises in
the field of ecologically oriented production. The impulses
that led to its formation date back to the early seventies of
the 20
century, to a time when the idea of a sustainably
ecological chemistry still was a world away from its
present-day social acceptance.
Four decades ago, the concept of chemical-
technical everyday products principally
made from organic and therefore renew-
able raw materials was far ahead of the
The general direction of the chemical in-
dustry still was based, in a virtually unre-
stricted way, on fossil raw materials like
crude oil or gas which caused heavy en-
vironmental problems and led to products
that were harmful to people’s health.
Therefore, it is understandable that, at the beginning, the
idea of a new kind of everyday chemistry that relinquishes
petrochemical raw materials was ridiculed and strived
against by representatives of the conventional chemical
industry. As the founder of AURO Pflanzenchemie AG, I ex-
perienced, endured and finally overcame all phases of this
early resistance at first hand.
However, little by little the circle of supporters of this idea
grew. A main group consisted of consumers that were arous-
ed or even themselves affected by the chemical scandals of
the 1970’s and 1980’s. Thus the idea of a sustainable chem-
istry that AURO implemented insistently and tirelessly from
the beginning moved towards the middle of society and soon
found imitators.
Just like the idea of sustainability can matter-of-factly be
derived from scientific principles and ideas, AURO’s con-
cepts are developed following strict scientific criteria. This
scientific approach is the inherent basis of the company.
As a qualified and graduated chemist and founder of the
company, this basis allowed me to constantly withstand
ideological or political usurpation.
The technical-chemical quality of the products, documented
by the enormous consumer acceptance as well as numerous
prizes and awards, is only one of AURO’s key success factors.
Many of the ecological pioneering enterprises did not survive
the initial phase. AURO escaped this fate by adding econom-
ic solidity to the scientific integrity from the beginning. To-
day AURO is the undisputed market leader for natural paints.
The sustainability of our actions is also mirrored in the com-
pany’s economical and organisational structure and in the
very low staff turnover.
In the end, even technical quality and economic strength
cannot sufficiently explain AURO’s sustained success. Both
only constitute necessary qualifications for the success on
the market. A strong marketing team under the guidance of
AURO’s CEO has laid the groundwork for this. The essential
foundation of this marketing strategy and AURO’s sustained
success are the worldwide brand awareness and the excel-
lent reputation of the brand AURO.
We look upon achieved successes only as waypoints. Our
view is constantly directed towards the future because,
strictly speaking, sustainability is not a status quo but can
only prove itself in times to come. The sustainability of the
inspir-ing organisational and procedural example, the living
bio-sphere, has always been a result of its flexible reaction
to new challenges. Looked upon from a longer distance of
time, we call this: evolution. AURO feels obliged to this
thought. The future success of the enterprise as a living
organism will therefore always depend on how innovative we
will continue to be in the years to come.
Dr. Hermann Fischer, company founder
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