AURO Environmental Declaration 2014 - page 19

Environmental management
Structure and responsibilities
Extensive and detailed alarm and contingency plans with
corresponding definition of competencies exist for the fac-
tory. These plans are revised regularly, recorded in the envi-
ronmental protection manual and they are internally accessi-
ble. They define the measures to be taken in the case of
major and minor factory accidents, breakdowns, fire, entry
of unauthorised persons, notification of government authori-
ties, etc. The alarm and emergency plans are intended to
prevent further damage in the case of a contingency, to pro-
tect persons and the environment and to restore production
and delivery capability as soon as possible.
Monitoring of procedures
A functioning management system requires continual super-
vision and checking. The department managers together
with the company management constitute the top level
supervisory authority with authorisation for issuing instruc-
tions and making checks. Regular meetings ensure that all
operational processes and procedures are analysed and dis-
crepancies are corrected.
Specific external training of the department managers is an
important measure for updating knowledge with regard to
statutory requirements, regulations, engineering, etc. The
inspector for safety precautions and hazardous goods regu-
larly participates in continuation training courses and in-
forms himself of the most recent statutory stipulations and
regulations. Training and continuation training of employees
is carried out internally and externally. Training measures
comprise continuation training and safety instruction of all
employees and conversations as and when required at the
individual workplaces, as well as annually four to five obliga-
tory training events for the entire personnel on all compa-
ny-relevant subjects.
…with active environmental commitment.
Preserving habitats…
…and the diversity of species…
Edwin Hribek
Helmut Nieder
Production & Safety
Matthias Licht
Head of Laboratory
Dr. Markus Lettau
Research & Development
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