AURO Environmental Declaration 2014 - page 18

Environmental management
Environmental management commences at AURO long
before the actual manufacture of a product. Basic ecological
questions are taken into consideration already at the time of
initial provisional suggestions and ideas for a new product
arising through a market need or in our own company. The
social and individual sense and purpose of a product, as well
as its short-, medium- and long-term effects on users, soci-
ety, the world at large and the environment, are considera-
tions which rank at the top of the list.
An important prerequisite condition for introducing the envi-
ronmental management system is its acceptance among our
employees. In the organisational structure, the responsibili-
ties, competencies and authorisation of the employees for
operational environmental protection have been defined at
all hierarchic levels.
Task and incorporation
The environmental protection organisation of AURO Pflan-
zenchemie AG is characterised by a very short hierarchic
route - from the management via the department leaders
directly to the employees, and conversely. This makes
possible quick and effective implementation of all decisions
involving ecological and economic aspects of operational
procedure. Furthermore, the operational organisation
ensures that the factory processes are transparent with
regard to ecological aspects and that regulations can be
checked and corrective measures can be taken if the regula-
tions are violated.
The lean management structure of the company has proved
its viability in past years, thus it was possible to extend the
practised outward transparency to internal operation too.
One of the chief principles of the company policy is to ensure
that our employees participate significantly in environmental
protection efforts. An integrated company structure requires
not only purely theoretical approaches and guidelines. Local
practical implementation is the essential aspect ensuring
agreement between intention and reality. AURO’s corporate
culture is based in the main on four core areas: ecology, sus-
tainability, innovation and transparency.
Environmental management
Green electricity
Climate certificate of
the „Dual System“
(waste recycling system)
Photo-voltaic and solar heat installations
Enjoy nature with all senses
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