AURO Environmental Declaration 2014 - page 12

On-site activities
The consumer gets comprehensive and complete information
on the basic ideas, the contents (full declaration) and of
course the technical characteristics and potential dangers
that can be associated with paint products, e.g. fire hazard,
self-ignition of oil-drenched cloths, allergies on natural
materials, general safety advice. The products are accom-
panied by technical data sheets and safety data sheets
that hold comprehensive information on product applica-
tions and safety advice.
On our website,
, consumers and users find
numerous information brochures, our comprehensive prod-
uct catalogue, references and a product database with
up-to-date relevant information. The AURO philosophy and
the idea of a gentle chemistry are explained in detail in vari-
ous special essays and lectures on subjects like building
biology, sustainable economics and ecology.
In addition to that, the idea of an ecological building that
creates a healthy living environment is conveyed to users
and consumers in numerous seminars and trainings held by
AURO retailers and distributors, often supported by AURO
representatives or importers.
A successful communication strategy involves the regular
presence on trade fairs and continuous public relations
activities. This way, the public recognition of the brand can
be guaranteed and new partners and customers be acquired.
Consumers on the domestic market can subscribe to the
AURO Newsletter to be regularly informed about new prod-
ucts, application tips and tricks, creative techniques and a
lot more first-hand knowledge. Videos on current topics are
published (in German and English) on the YouTube channel
„AUROtv“ in order to show the interested public how easy it
is to apply AURO products.
Last but not least, our field service, as well as numerous ref-
erence objects of satisfied customers, contribute to the
establishment of AURO as a competent and sustainable
brand in the public perception.
International AURO fair stand
a) Product training
c) Demonstration „concrete look“
b) Workshop floor treatment
d) AURO movie on
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