Safe Shield No. 332

Ecological, electrically conductive prime coat for extensive shielding from electromagnetic fields. Safeshield reduces and protects from alternating electrical fields (low frequency), e.g. in cables, appliances or lamps, and shields off electromagnetic waves (high frequency), e.g. transmitters, radar, mobile phones, wireless phones, etc.

The unique combination with the biogenic binding agent Replebin® makes the black paint particularly ecological and sustainable. It is highly breathable, solvent-free and nearly odourless. Its remarkable composition makes it easily workable on all common interior or exterior surfaces. The quick drying allows to recoat the surface already after 4-6 hours. For the safe shielding from low-frequency alternating electrical fields and for the for discharge of static electricity, an adequate grounding is necessary.

Safe Shield is particularly recommended as prime coat in sensitive areas, e.g. children's rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, hotels, hospitals, medical practices, kindergartens, schools.

  • Suited for all interior surfaces
  • Shielding effectiveness up to 31db
  • Easy to apply


Please note: Electrical connections may only be performed by qualified electricians.


The shielding paint Safe Shield is particularly well suited for sensitive areas like nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms, work areas, but also in public places like hotels, hospitals, doctor's offices, kindergardens or schools.


Shielding effectiveness

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Water, Replebin®, graphite, cellulose, surfactants made of rapeseed oil and castor oil, ammonia, sodium pyrithione, benzisothiazolinone, graphene

Information about our raw materials

Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
1 9
5 45

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