Keratherm, medium No. 348

Our natural white, temperature-regulating, pure mineral plaster based on the finest white lime is ideal for creating decorative wall techniques.

It can be textured as a finishing plaster either with a brush or a sponge board. Due to its unique composition, it has a particularly lively structure and thus has an extremely vivid appearance. In addition, it has a temperature-regulating effect, i.e., the heat is reflected back into the room by Keratherm in winter. In summer, on the contrary, the warm air is reflected back to the outside, so that the room climate is positively influenced.

Since Keratherm medium is a lime plaster, it offers the typical advantages of lime. It ensures moisture regulation in the room and is ideally equipped against mould due to its alkalinity.

  • Climate regulating
  • Saving energy
  • Light processing

application photo


Prime highly absorbent substrates. Mix Keratherm to a homogeneous plaster and apply it evenly with a stainless trowel. After the surface has slightly dried, you can start to texture it with a brush or with a sponge board. Keratherm medium No. 348 can also be used as a rendering for levelling of slightly uneven surfaces.


Structuring with the brush:

If the lime plaster dries too quick, the surface can be lightly moistened with water, thus delaying drying and allowing more time for structuring.

Structuring with a sponge board:

It is important to find the right time to start working with a sponge-board. The surface must be slightly dried already. To find out the right time, you can try to work on the surface. If it rubs up too quickly, the time is too early, if nothing changes anymore, it is too late.

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Saving energy with Keratherm


Full declaration

Mineral fillers, calcium hydroxide, cellulose, perlite

Information about our raw materials

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Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
20,0 22 (with 1 mm layer thickness)

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