Ecolith interior lime paint No. 341

High-quality white, mineral wall and ceiling paint for all interior surfaces. This ecological paint has an excellent covering power, is easy to apply and particularly economical in use. This premium product results from the combination of AURO's many years of research on natural raw materials and the superb characteristics of graphene fibres. Ecolith is extremely flexible, very durable and universally usable on all common surfaces. The quick drying allows to recoat the surface already after 4 hours. Generally, one or two coats provide for good results.

Due to the high share of mineral raw materials, Ecolith helps to prevent mould infestation, absorbs odours and provides for a pleasant indoor climate.

The lime used is a particularly pure fresh water lime from a private quarry near Sevilla.

Moreover, the „Cradle to Cradle™ GOLD" certification confirms the holistic, ecological life cycle of the product.

Read the technical report on the cooperation between AURO and Grahenstone by AURO founder Dr. Hermann Fischer and Antonio León, Graphenstone's CEO.

  • Universally applicable
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Best abrasion resistance class


Dilute with 10% of water and stir well before use. Apply evenly by brush or roller. Observe 4 hours drying time between coats.


Due to its short drying time, Ecolith interior lime is particularly suited for rooms that have to be quickly painted, renovated and moved back into.

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water, calcium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, mineral fillers, cellulose, graphene

Information about our raw materials

Trading units
Price inkl.
Coverage per sq.m
1 52,70 €52,70 € see Techn. Data Sheet
5 145,30 €29,10 €
10 263,00 €26,30 €

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