Your favourite colour – COLOURS FOR LIFE

Eco-friendly interior and exterior paints from the paint mixing machine

A healthy indoor climate for your home is part of a more aware lifestyle. Regardless of whether you prefer harmonious shades or strong colour tones in your own four walls, you will find the perfect shade among the nearly 800 colours offered, each one giving the walls a very authentic look.

For coloured facade coatings, we offer the exterior high-grade paint in a choice of 134 colour shades.
Have a look at the colour tones on our website or ask your local distributor for the COLOURS FOR LIFE colour tone fan with originally painted colour swatches. Once you have found your desired colour tone, it can either be mixed on site by one of our distribution partners or they can order it with their next order from us.

A decisive advantage: Your favourite colour can later be exactly matched for repairs or renovation.


COLOURS FOR LIFE Premium Wall and ceiling paint
No. 555
COLOURS FOR LIFE High-grade Clay paint
No. 535
COLOURS FOR LIFE Ecolith Interior
No. 584
COLOURS FOR LIFE Ecolith Exterior
No. 594