High-grade Clay paint

A ready-to-use coloured clay paint , available in nearly 800 shades, that is COLOURS FOR LIFE High-grade Clay paint. The interior wall paint is mixed on an automatic dispenser system with consistently ecological pigment pastes.

Precious clay finishes in many shades of colour

A sustainable lifestyle includes the decision for authentic building materials. Clay is a natural building material with a long history. It consists of sand, clays and silts and combines ecological advantages with a high aesthetic quality.

Interior wall paints based on clay offer many positive characteristics, among them the capability of regulating humidity and a high breathability. The moisture in a room can be stored and then, little by little, be released again. Clay paint thereby contributes to a healthy indoor climate.
The binding agent REPLEBIN®, a legally protected result of AURO's own research, provides for excellent processing properties:

• Good wear resistance (abrasion resistance class 3)
• Wash resistance according to DIN 53778
• Opacity class 2

Due to the binding agent REPLEBIN®* used in this interior wall paint, the product has a very low emission according to the strict AgBB evaluation scheme.

Application by roller, brush or spraygun

COLOURS FOR LIFE High-grade Clay paint can be applied right from the bucket. You can apply it with a roller, brush or tassel. The product can also be sprayed (airless).

The velvety matt finish is fine and smooth because the light clay used in the product is not granular or sandy.

The clay paint is suited for mineral and organic interior wall surfaces. It is splash water resistant and therefore well suited for application in kitchens and bathrooms.

A variety of colours

Find your favourite colour shade: With the wide variety of nearly 800 colours you'll be spoilt for choice. From strong and vivid to gentle and discreet, almost everything is possible.

The off-white shades in delicate nuances are particularly popular.

Find your favourite shade

You can select your favourite shade of colour here on our website while testing it in different virtual living environments.

Once you have found the required colour tone, please order the paint from your local retailer or distributor.

Please note that the COLOURS FOR LIFE High-grade Clay paint has different price groups because of the different amount of pigments needed for shades of strongly varying colour intensity.