Wooden floors in private homes

Object: Inlaid work in wooden floor
Work executed by Bodissimo! Fußböden in seminar building www.freiraum-aschhofen.de
Treated with AURO One-off oil-wax no. 125

Object: Wooden floor

Work executed by woodworkers Tischlerei Bock
Treated with AURO 2 in 1 Oil-wax Classic no. 129 and Floor care emulsion no. 431

Object: Floor boards sawn in artistic forms

Hand-sawn floor boards, freely curved and fitted into one another, 30 mm thick.
A work of the artist Rainer Schunder, www.oeko-kunstbank.de.
Oiled with AURO Hard oil

Object: Historical farmhouse (private house), Bavaria
Renovated spruce floors, presumably 400 years old
Work executed by: www.bodissimo.de
Oiled and waxed with AURO PurSolid Hard oil no. 123 and Hard wax no. 171.

Object: Private flat in Starnberg

Oak wood, brushed
Work executed by: www.bodissimo.de
Oiled with AURO PurSolid Hard oil no. 123, tinted with Colour concentrates no. 150, white.

Object: Private building in Saarbrücken

Floor covering: cork, oiled and waxed
Work executed by Auro representative Friedrich Leist
Products: Special primer, Hard oil, Hard wax

Object: Private building in Saarbrücken
Floor covering: Maritim pine, 22 mm
AURO-Work executed by Auro representative Friedrich Leist
Products: Hard primer (2 x) and Hard wax (1 x)