Specialised shops

Detmold/ Lobenstein/ Coesfeld, Germany
Object: AURO Shop Petra Haupt, HauptsacheSchön, Wittekindstraße 42, D-32758 Detmold
Wall decoration in stuccolustro style.
Products used: High-grade Lime filler and Lime tinting base.

Object: Floor tiling shop with AURO product range, Wolfram GmbH, Poststr. 26, D-07356 Lobenstein, E-Mail
Designed with High-grade Lime paint, Lime tinting base (terracotta, full shade), Wall paint, Colour wash plant glaze

Object: Shopfitting; big apple box with lifting mechanism, custom-built by bio wholesaler WEILING in Coesfeld
Treated with Aqua Woodstain (umbra)