Oils and waxes

Perfect sanding of floors

All floors, no matter whether old or new, must be carefully sanded prior to their treatment. The required tools and devices, including instructions for use, are available from special rental companies and are easy to use with a little practice. Protect your health and use appropriate noise and dust protection devices!

Knock in all protruding nails with a countersink before sanding. Then sand the floor with a roll grinding machine using more or less coarse abrasive paper depending on the floor condition (old paint, adhesive residues, etc.). Use an edge grinder to sand the remaining areas.

Repeat the sanding process using increasingly fine abrasive paper. As of grit size 100, use a single-disc grinding machine. Keep sanding at least up to grit size 120. Then keep removing the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

The preparation of your floor is now concluded. However, intermediate sanding is still required during the subsequent treatment. Now you have the choice between oiling, waxing, painting or simply applying lye and soap to your floor.