Oils and waxes

General tips and tricks

Provide for good ventilation during the application and do not leave any coverings on the floor as these would slow down the coating’s curing process.

Indentations or scratches in wooden substrates can be levelled by removing the coating in these areas down to the crude wood.

Then apply hot water (e.g. with a cloth) and allow to soak in so that the wood swells. Then finely sand these areas and subject them to a secondary treatment.

Do not use any cleaning materials made from micro, active or other synthetic fibres. These can have the same effect as abrasive paper and may destroy the oil and wax finish.

Preferably provide for a constant indoor climate all year round to minimise tension, joint formation or bulging of wooden floors (approx. +20 °C room temperature / 50-60 % air humidity).

Used rags
are prone to self ignition due to their content of drying oils and must be spread out to dry individually or be stored in a firmly closed tin container.

Dried product residues can be composted or disposed of along with domestic waste; recycle empty paint tins.