Technical data sheets

In order to guarantee a constantly up-to-date status, the technical data sheets are only available online and can be downloaded here in their current version.

No. 114 Brick oil

No. 115 Garden furniture oil - Aqua

No. 117 Special primer

No. 121 Impregnating primer

No. 123 PurSolid Hard oil

No. 125 One-off oil-wax

No. 126 Hard oil, clear

No. 126-90 Hard oil, white

No. 127 Hard primer for floors

No. 128 2 in 1 Oil-wax PurSolid

No. 129 2 in 1 Oil-wax Classic

No. 143 Linseed oil varnish

No. 148 Swedish red

No. 150 Colour concentrates for natural resin oils

No. 160 Woodstain

No. 171 Hard wax

No. 173 Furniture balsam

No. 187 Floor wax

No. 191 Diluent

No. 234 Rust protection primer

No. 250 Gloss paint

No. 251 Clear lacquer, glossy

No. 253 White undercoat

No. 257 Radiator paint

No. 260 Satin paint

No. 261 Clear lacquer, matt silk

No. 267 Floor varnish

No. 301 Plaster primer

No. 302 Natural resin primer

(discontinued article - no longer available)

No. 303 Silicate paint

No. 304 Silicate binder

No. 305 Universal primer

(discontinued article - no longer available)

No. 306 High-grade silicate primer

No. 307/308/309 Roll and brush renderings (Replebin)

No. 310 Universal roll and brush rendering

(discontinued article - no longer available)

No. 311 Natural fibre plaster

No. 315 Plaster grip coat

(discontinued article - no longer available)

No. 320 Wall paint, white (Replebin)

No. 321 Wall paint (Replebin)

No. 326 Chalk paint

No. 327 Anti-mould paint

No. 328 Airfresh wallpaint

No. 329 Natural wall filler

No. 330 Full-shade tinting colour

No. 344 High-grade lime paint

No. 345 High-grade lime plaster

No. 347 High-grade trowel lime plaster

No. 350 Lime tinting base

No. 360 Colour wash plant glaze

No. 370 Wall glaze wax

No. 379 Colour wash binder

No. 380 Natural resin universal adhesive

No. 382 Floor covering adhesive

No. 391 Wall covering adhesive

No. 396 Cork filler

No. 401 Softwood lye

No. 402 Hardwood lye

No. 403-404 Wood soap / Wood soap white

No. 411-437 Cleaning and care products

No. 461 Stripping paste

No. 505/506 Grip coat, fine/ Grip coat, granulated

No. 524 Plantodecor Premium wall paint

No. 751 Lime-casein wall paint

No. 930 Natural resin oil stain

No. 933 White undercoat

No. 935 White topcoat, glossy

No. 936 White topcoat, satin mat

No. 971 Plant hard wax

No. 981 Liquid wax