Living with AURO

The application of AURO products is a child’s play. Your local AURO partner gladly lends his support.

Advantages: Why AURO?


Schauen Sie uns in die Töpfe. Alle Inhaltsstoffe werden auf dem Etikett the leading manufacturer of natural paints and ecological coating materials. A genuine corporate identity, over 30 years of market presence and constantly growing success speak for themselves.

…guarantees a careful selection of ecological and natural raw materials.
The full declaration on all containers assures maximum transparency.
…offers state-of-the-art products developed by specialists for virtually all application ranges in your home and more.

Company profile

Verlässlich und konstant: Seit über 28 Jahren in Braunschweig ansässig.AURO Pflanzenchemie AG produces coating materials, care products and cleaning agents for virtually all application ranges: new buildings, renovations, household, hobby, garden.
AURO was founded as an Ltd. in 1983 and converted into a Plc. in 1998. The site in Braunschweig/Germany supplies over 700 specialist dealers which are attended to on site by 12 representatives. AURO exports products to most European countries and overseas.

Optimisation and innovation

 Konstante Farbtonwiedergabe erfordert Erfahrung und ein gewisses „Feeling“.We constantly refine and improve our products. Long-term tests are implemented in our on-site outdoor weathering facility. We continually optimise the use of raw materials and existing formulations in view of our processing methods.
New products undergo intensive tests and are thoroughly checked on their suitability for use before they are launched on the market.
Some of AURO’s innovations are: an anti-mould coating system based on natural ingredients, a wall paint with an air-refeshing, photocatalytical effect, a complete assortment of professional lime paints, 100 % compostable floorcloths, and many more.

Fundamental research

Sound research and development allow us to market an entire product range of 100 % solvent-free paints, glazes, stains and impregnations based on purely biogenic binders which comply with highest standards in terms of coating technology.
Our research and development department constantly tests new raw materials and manufacturing methods for their potential ecological and technical usability.

Raw materials supply and quality assurance

Die Rohstoffkontrolle verlangt ein gründliches und gewissenhaftes Vorgehen.Plants are one of AURO’s source of supply for renewable, clean raw materials. Hundreds of plant species form the basis of our production of various substances. Here, origin and sustainability play an important role.
Every single batch of finished product is examined by our laboratory staff prior to its release, and reference samples are retained and archived. We permanently check our products for high colour quality and product stability, document the results and adjust processes, if necessary.