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The application of AURO products is a child’s play. Your local AURO partner gladly lends his support.

Overview of applications

Wooden floors

Wood is a living material. This is not only clearly visible but also palpable with every step you take. In our times, where allergies and respiratory disorders are an ever increasing problem, this ancient building material is more popular than ever. Solid wooden floors are quick and easy to clean thoroughly. Treated with natural products the open pores can store air humidity and release moisture when the indoor air is very dry.
Premium AURO Floor waxes and oils are the number one choice for wood if you wish to protect the naturally grown material in a natural manner right from the beginning and wish to enjoy its many advantages all your life. Our compositions, tested and improved over many decades, maintain and embellish your floors with purely vegetable and mineral essences which we process according to the principle of minimum impact on humans and the environment.
The AURO sales range offers the ideal protective and care product for all types of wood, floors and types of installation. AURO also supplies you with the appropriate environmentally sound adhesives and care products for other natural floor coverings – cork, linoleum or tiles.
You have the choice between three systems: PurSolid, Aqua and AURO Classic.
PurSolid: gives an elegant, more shiny wood shade, contains no organic or volatile solvents and no water and has an extremely high spreading rate

Aqua: gives a less shiny, more natural wood look, is free of organic solvents and characterised by its low odour

AURO Classic: gives a slightly honey-coloured wood shade, contains natural solvents (citrus fruit skin oil) and is fast drying
Depending on your needs and preferences, you can subject your wooden floors to different surface treatments:

Oils accentuate the colour of all wood types. The slightly golden hue harmonises wonderfully with knotholes and the wood's natural grain. Oiling and waxing is one of the most frequently used methods of treatment for visually embellishing wooden floors and for obtaining an open-pored and dirt-repellent finish at the same time.

Waxed wooden floors are characterised by their elegant gloss and beautiful haptic sensation. The wax application does not only satisfy visual demands but results in a thin protective film which increases the wear resistance and durability of floors.

AURO water-based floor paint belongs to the AURO Aqua product range. The wood remains breathable and is provided with a resistant, easy to maintain protective film.

Lyes and soaps
Wood merely treated with lye and soap has a natural, light-coloured look. The treated floors are ready for use once the lye and soap have dried but require frequent secondary treatment. Lyes and soaps are especially recommended for less frequented rooms such as e.g. bedrooms. The AURO product range comprises softwood lyes and hardwood lyes as well as colourless and white wood soap.

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