Living with AURO

The application of AURO products is a child’s play. Your local AURO partner gladly lends his support.

Overview of applications

Glues & special Products

The range of AURO products does not end when you have finished decorating your house and have treated and enhanced all surfaces. It is then that life is breathed into the house, and AURO has a lot more to offer there. Take a stroll through your house or flat: there is no end to AURO’s good ideas. Whether it be for pasting fresh wallpaper, the occasional repair of precious objects or enjoying some relaxing craftwork with the children: you can remain true to the AURO principle.

Natural floor coverings, such as linoleum, cork or natural fibre carpets, are very popular. If these floorings are to be laid in rooms subject to heavy wear, it is a good idea to have them permanently fixated. AURO offers various dispersion glues for this which are produced from natural latex milk and natural resin. They are ready to use, easy to apply and have good adhesive properties.

AURO also offers a low-solvent glue for tinkerers, whether small or grown-up. The glue comes in a tube, the residue is biodegradable

Special products
AURO has the right products for a multitude of special applications: Orange oil thinner or Plant soap as tool cleaners, Cork filler as ecological alternative to conventional foaming, Clinker oil for stone slabs or Swedish red paint for rough sawn wood facades in Scandinavian style.
Moreover, AURO offers a complete, chlorine-free system for mould removal (Pur-san3), as well as the first 100 % compostable wet care sheets (Clean & Care Wax) for floors and furniture.

*Recommended Retail Price for Central Europe, VAT incl.