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Living room

Living rooms are used for various activities, e.g. for sharing meals, watching TV, playing games, receiving guests or just for relaxing or listening to music. A large part of the familial life takes place in the living room. Different areas like the dinner table, the computer desk, the TV stand and others should be visually separated from each other but stylistically co-ordinated. Harmony can be created without producing uniformity. Unique items like an old armchair from a garage sale can be a wonderful companion to modern furniture and accessories.
Avoid dazzling light, a subtle background lighting coming from various sources in different room heights provides a harmonious mood.

Style-defining criteria

Gone are the days of space-filling wall units that dominated the whole living room. The current trend is characterized by clean lines and less furniture.

Living rooms in the style of NATURE are characterized by soft, light wall paints in sand or cream tones, finely grained wood types and natural decoration elements made of wicker, clay or paper. It is important for a fully harmonious impression that cushions, curtains or carpets blend in with the colours of the painted walls.

A decoration in the style of HARMONY requires a preference for retro romanticism. A wall painted in a mocca tone, fluffy carpets, lavish curtains, plaid and cushion covers made of glossy or velvet fabrics in lilac or rosé colours, all this can create a romantic flair without getting tawdry.

LUST FOR LIVING is a young style of living manifesting itself in courageous combinations of colours and materials. The perfect setting for strong colours is a black or anthracite background that provides calm and, at the same time, lets colours shine.

Living room in the style of


Do you feel at home with this style? Here is our recommendation:

Living room in the style of


Do you feel at home with this style? Here is our recommendation:

Living room in the style of


Do you feel at home with this style? Here is our recommendation:

The colour tones (except special tones) can be found in our Colour Tone Books „Wall paint # 321 – Tinting colours # 330“. You can also view them in a simulated setting in our Colour Designer. The mixing ratio of each colour tone is also shown when you move the cursor over the respective  photo.

Please note: Due to different monitor settings, colour tone presentations may deviate from the original.