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Walls and ceilings

Wax trick

Rooms exposed to high stress can be easily protected and individually designed at the same time with our robust Wall glaze wax no. 370.
Our merry, intense, luminous glaze paints with additional wax protection are the ideal solution for children’s rooms and hallways. Dilute the wax with water according to the desired colour intensity and apply it by means of a glaze brush ("horizontal eight") or dab it onto white walls with a sponge.

Don't worry: The wax will initially be milky white after drying and does not develop its fully luminous colour shade before polishing with a cloth or brush.

Tip: Apply colourless wax around all light switches (no matter which colour your walls are)!
This protects the areas around the light switches from soiling which would otherwise be inevitable.

Good to know for tenants: The wax layer can easily be removed with our mild Dishwashing liquid (AWALAN no. 473).

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