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Walls and ceilings

General tips and tricks

Use foil or special painter’s fleece to cover furniture and floors. Brush off brittle particles and remove dust from the surface. Substrates must be dry, solid and clean.

Holes and cracks must be filled and surfaced with wall filler to obtain an even substrate.

When applying several buckets of paint, you should always use paints with the same batch number on one wall or in one room to avoid colour differences. If you have bought buckets with different batch numbers, you should mix these before starting the decorating job.
If you intend to paint the ceiling as well, always do this first to avoid paint splashes on the walls to be painted later.

Always use a telescopic stick when working on large areas as it extends your reach and saves time and energy.

First mask edges and corners carefully, then use a suitable brush or roller to paint the masked edges and corners before using a roller to paint the remaining surfaces. Highly absorptive substrates must be primed before painting. Apply the paint crosswise to wall and ceiling surfaces and then smooth over from top to bottom by roller to ensure that the coating is even.

It is easier to remove the adhesive tape before the wall paint has fully dried.

Remove product residues from tools thoroughly after use and wash these with water adding Plant soap no. 411.

Dried product residues can be composted or disposed of along with domestic waste.

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