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Latest AURO colour trends

Trend 'NATURE'

The dream of a country life and longing for simplicity inspire many people’s attitude to life.

Those who do not move to the countryside can also live this style in urban areas in an authentic way by using ecological materials such as wood, wool and other natural materials which provide comfort and cosiness.

Our inspirations for trendy colours come directly from nature itself: sandy colour shades and unobtrusive greens are a reminder of dunes and grass.


Trendy 'NATURE' colour shades selected for you:


All romantics need a haven where feelings reign instead of pure reason.

Our inspirations for this trend come from Bohemian fashion and old movies. Harmonious berry and powder shades or pastel green combined with warm brown colours reminding one of coffee with milk ensure that this style does not have an overbearing effect despite all romanticism.


Trendy 'HARMONY' colour shades selected for you:


Stimulants rich in contrast stand for lust for life and burn away the winter blues.

Walls decorated in this trend make a statement and require a little courage.
The high-contrast colours can be attenuated by means of anthracite or sandy touches.


Trendy 'LUST FOR LIFE' colour shades selected for you:

You will find the colour shades (apart from special shades) in our colour charts "Natural resin wall paint no. 321/Full-shade tinting paint no. 330" available from your dealer or you can view them directly on the object using our Colour Designer.
The mixing ratios for the individual colour shades are also indicated when you move the mouse over the pictures.

Please note: The colour shade presentations may deviate from the originals due to different screen settings.

All photographs: projects implemented by the Lichte Art interior design office, Cologne