Living with AURO

The application of AURO products is a child’s play. Your local AURO partner gladly lends his support.

Life is change...

Which colour matches your life at present?

The easiest way to quickly and completely change a room is to apply a fresh coat of wall paint. No matter which colour corresponds to your current attitude to life, a few brush strokes help to restore harmony.

Katja (37):

"My walls and I need power! The powerful terracotta is exactly my cup of tea and creates strong contrasts."


Kira (13):

"I've just grown out of my pink phase. The new pastel green in my room is romantic and also very trendy.”


Sigrid (54):

"After our children had moved out we redecorated our house to suit our needs.
I am really fond of the berry shades we chose, and they bring harmony to my new yoga room.”


Sina (29), Jonas (2) and Niels (32):

"We love natural cosiness. What was still missing was a touch of colour matching the new sofa. We made the green element in the living room ourselves from canvas and AURO natural paint. After a hectic day, the green has a soothing and relaxing effect."

                         Wohnzimmer grünes Wandelement

All photographs are from projects of the Lichte Art interior design office, Cologne