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Colour and life phase

"Just as a plant with only green leaves develops into a flower and a fruit, humans evolve such that they form a kind of flower of their existence from sentient soul, intellectual soul and consciousness soul which they oppose to divinity descending from above."
R. Steiner

In anthroposophy, colours are allocated to certain life phases. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe referred to his research and findings on colour as his life's main achievement and provided Rudolf Steiner with a foundation for his work.

At a very young age (0-7), humans are very sensitive and more receptive than in later years. Irrespective of the children's sex, warm and muted red, violet or rose shades are recommended for this life phase. These colours stand for the natural spirituality of children and symbolise a feeling of security.

Imaginative design of children’s rooms in soft colour shades

Later, when school starts, yellow, green and blue colour shades are the best choice to prepare children for everything new and to foster their communication and learning skills.

Children going through puberty prefer loud colours such as pink, orange and grass green as well as all neon colours.
The older we become the more subtle and sophisticated our preferred colours: pastel green, buff or warm grey shades.

Specific colours are supportive in the different stages of life depending on one's character. Trust your gut feeling and make an individual decision or seek the help of an expert to assist you with this process when selecting colours, for example for renovations.

Wibke Schaeffer

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