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Changing the visual appearance of rooms with patterns

Visual tricks can be used to increase or decrease the depth, width or height of rooms. A dark floor, for instance, makes the room appear wider to the sides and higher; a dark ceiling makes the room appear lower. Dark side walls extend the room towards the end wall. The depth of a room is visually decreased by painting only the end wall in a dark colour.

Moreover, patterns, borders or plinths are excellently suited for setting off areas in different colours or for making a decorative statement.

The following applies in general:
Always give patterns enough space to breathe.
It is therefore better to use fragmented patterns in large rooms.

Large elements are recommended for small rooms: large circles for example as these draw attention to themselves.
Gilding of large circles also imparts calmness and elegance in small rooms.

Wibke Schaeffer

Kindly supported by
architect Wibke Schaeffer, Lichte Art, Cologne.

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