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June 2016: AURO Silicate paint with new formula!


More than a year ago, we started to successively converse the complete range of AURO emulsion wall paints and plasters to the new biogenic Replebin® binding agent that was completely developed in-house.

As a result, well-known AURO wall design products like AURO Wall paint, white no. 320, AURO Wall paint no 321, the Full-shade tinting colours no. 330 or the Plaster primer no. 301, to name only the most important ones, are now available with significantly ameliorated product characteristics.

Now, a new chapter of the Replebin® success story has been written.

From now on, the Silicate paint no. 303 will become the High-grade Silicate paint No. 303 with a completely new formula and improved product features. The combination of potassium water glass and the innovative binder Replebin® ensures that the product can now be applied not only on  mineral surfaces but also on gypsum plaster, woodchip wallpaper, clay or plasters.

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Please note:

With the introduction of each Replebin® product, the corresponding old product will be discontinued. For a transitional period, there may be both product versions, old and new, available in retail. Make sure not to mix the older products with the new Replebin® products. The new products can easily be identified by the Replebin® logo on the label.

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