Besides consistent further development and optimization of existing products, AURO continually works on innovative products. Before its market introduction, each new product is intensively tested to ensure its practicability.

2015: Binding agent Replebin®
Replebin® is an innovative biogenic binding agent, developped by AURO in a sophisticated research project stretching over several years. Replebin® consists of plant alcohol ester with organic acids. The innovative binding agent is legally protected and available exclusively from AURO. The formulations of AURO’s wall paint assortment have been adjusted to the new binding agent.

2008-2011: High-grade lime range
A complete range of High-grade lime paints and plasters, made of pure mineral raw materials and selected qualities of slaked lime without synthetic aditives.

2008: Clean & Care Wax

100% compostable cleaning cloths for wooden floorings, made of natural fleece.

2006: Pur-san3
Chlorine-free anti-mould system on a natural base.

2006: Airfresh wall paint
The first consistently ecological wall paint with a photocatalytic effect durably decomposes pollutants and smells.

2006: Aqua Woodstain is test winner in Germany’s most prestigious consumer magazine
In the period between 1997 and 2001, a group of scientists and technicians joined to develop natural paints without solvents that comply with today’s most sophisticated technical standards for paints and varnishes.
In the year 2006, the „Warentest“ foundation, an organisation for the comparative testing of consumer goods, tested woodstains, conventional ones on the basis of synthetic resins as well as the natural AURO product. The resulting test was published in the test magazine, Issue 05/2006. Although the focus of this test was clearly on practicability and technical quality (not on ecological features), AURO’s Woodstain no. 160 was nominated test winner.

2004: Silicate paint
One-component silicate paint on a purely natural base.

2002-2005: PurSolid product range
PurSolid products contain neither organic, volatile solvents nor water. They are characterised by very low consumption rates and are particularly suited for high quality surface finishes, e.g. on wooden floors or furniture.

1997-2001: Research project „Natural paints without solvents“
Development of a completely new type of natural paints: free from organic solvents, consistently produced from renewable raw materials, technologically optimised. The products in the AURO Aqua range are unique on the market insofar as they perfectly fulfill these three criteria.