AURO Pflanzenchemie AG - Facts and data

Establishment/Legal form
1983 as private limited company; 1998: going public

Supervisory board
Professor Dr. Arnim von Gleich (Chair)
Thomas Lange
Dipl.-Eng. Jan Fischer

Edwin Hribek

Production plant
Braunschweig (Germany)

Range of products
Coatings as well as care and cleaning products for nearly all application areas: New construction, renovations, household, hobby, garden.

The only consistently natural wall paint with a photo-catalytic effect - Permanently decomposes pollutants and odours (AURO Airfresh wall paint No. 328)

Complete assortment of plant based Zero Solvent paints and coatings of high technical standard, certified according to the European Standard EN 927.

One-component silicate paint exclusively composed of natural substances.

Solvent-free cork filler

Home distribution
Via ca. 700 ecologically specialized shops and handicraft businesses.

Into most European countries and overseas.
Export share: above 40 %