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AURO’s foundations and corporate concept

The AURO Pflanzenchemie AG belongs to the pioneering ecological enterprises that developed, at a very early stage, sophisticated, marketable concepts to transfer the chemical industry into the post-fossil area. Since its foundation, Auro strictly follows the criteria of sustainability, be it with regard to research principles, choice of raw materials and production processes or in terms of product design, documentation, prevention of pollution and waste disposal.

AURO Natural paints: Weathering stand and solar panelsBased on the research and development begun in 1972 by Dr. Hermann Fischer and consistently developed into his life task in the following years, the company was founded as a limited company in the year 1983. The year 1998 saw the company being turned into a PLC whose stocks are still held by family members and, due to bestowals, by social or environmental protection organisations.
AURO AG is specialized in ecological paints, impregnations, coatings and glues, as well as accompanying ranges like cleaning, care and maintenance agents. AURO manufactures products solely on the basis of mainly organic and mineral raw materials, and not just as a side assortment to a conventional standard product range, as most comparable enterprises do.

The position as pioneer and market leader in this industry sector also means that AURO has always had to shoulder the biggest share of educational and PR work for chemical-technical everyday products on the basis of natural and sustainable raw materials. AURO has to stand a lot of opposition for pointing to the fatal consequences of all the ‘greenwashing’ and pseudo-ecological product praise that is omnipresent. At the same time, we at AURO withstand all temptations to water down the ecological profile of our own products.

The diversity of organic and mineral raw materials


AURO Natural paints: Linseed as raw materialAURO’s products use the enormous wealth of organic primary products that have developed in the course of the biosphere’s evolution.
There are thousands among these materials that can generally be used as primary products in pigments, binding agents, solvents or additives for the manufacture of paints, e,g. organic colourants, tree resins, waxes, oils, fats, gums, swelling clays, ethereal oils, emulsifiers, etc.

The validation of its primary production shows that the quantitative productivity of the organic production of materials is by several orders higher than that of modern petrochemistry. Moreover, considering the enormous differentiation of the results of the organic secondary metabolism, it also has an incomparably higher qualitative variance.

AURO Natural paints: Quality controlThis being said, the way AURO uses the organic chemistry opens up a cosmos of diversity: Thousands of plant species constitute the basis for the production of hundreds of thousands of different biogenic matters. Each region of the world contributes its specific bio-diversity, depending on climatic, geological and genetic conditions and differentiated according to the experience and trusted methods of cultivation, harvest and processing techniques its inhabitants apply.

AURO Company brochure

To learn more about AURO, our philosophy, our company and our product range, please feel free to leaf through the pages of our company brochure:

 AURO Company brochure